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TOSS Logistics is a leading provider of specialist shrink wrapping services in india. When it comes to shrink wrapping freight and storage materials we provide a versatile, cost-effective protective solution that helps ensure vehicles, cargo & equipment stays clean and damage-free.

Shrink wrapping with a modern thermo fill provides the most environmentally sound method of product preservation available. The Ultraviolet Inhibitive Film (UVI) forms an impermeable barrier around any commodity when shrunk with a propane fired heat gun.

Shrink film forms a tough, taut weatherproof barrier that protects products from the corrosive effects the elements produce and will also serve as a pilferage deterrent, while providing economical, long-lasting outdoor and indoor protection at a fraction of the cost of indoor storage. Ice and rain will slide off the slick exterior surface, airborne dirt and grime is also kept at bay.

A Shrink Wrap Gun needs to reach 300 degrees Fahrenheit before it can shrink the film effectively.

Benefits of Shrink Wrapping

Protects Anything
Shrink wrap protects against all weather damage; it is waterproof and can be sealed around entire units to eliminate any weather related losses including rain, snow, wind, sun.

No Surface Damage
Shrink wrap has considerable advantages over tarps, construction plastic sheeting and other types of covers that can move and chafe painted surfaces when covering loads being transported or stored.

Shrink wrap has a rated strength of 300 lbs. per square foot.

Because shrink wrap is opaque and not easily accessible it serves as an excellent pilferage deterrent for shipping and storage.

Our shrink wrap covers can be ventilated to eliminate moisture and mildew problems. We also offer Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors that keep moisture from forming on metal or electrical circuits.

Easy Access
We offer zipper access doors for entry into the covers without cutting or removing the shrink wrap.

Cost Effective
Our durable, UV protected shrink wrap is only pennies per square foot and provides complete protection against the elements.